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Philosophy — 3-year 2022/2023

6. Philosophy


24–30 credits required, to include:

  1. PHIL102 (Introduction to Philosophy) or PHIL202 (Introduction to Philosophy)
  2. PHIL125 (Introduction to Logic)
  3. PHIL240 (Western Philosophy - Ancient and Medieval)
  4. PHIL241 (Western Philosophy - Modern)
  5. One 400-level PHIL course
  6. 9–15 credits of unspecified PHIL courses with a maximum of 3 credits at the junior-level

In addition to the above, students must complete:

  1. 6 credits of courses offered by the Faculty of Science. (3 credits from each of two different sciences are recommended.)
  2. 6 credits in any courses offered by the departments of Social Science and/or Psychology (CNST, ECO, HIS, INDG, POEC, PSCI, PSY, SOC). (3 credits from each of two different social sciences are recommended.)
In addition to the above, students must present:

  1. AIT 100 (Undergraduate Academic Integrity Training)

[Approved by the General Faculties Council on March 18th, 2022]


Permissible minors: All minors listed in section 10.6 except Philosophy.


A minimum of 6 credits English, 6 credits Religious Studies, 3 credits Fine Arts, and 3 credits Classics are strongly recommended.


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