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Sociology — 4-year 2022/2023

8. Sociology — 4-year

The four-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology enables students to study a substantive area of interest in greater depth.

42–60 credits required, to include:
Foundation Courses:
  1. SOC 100 (Sociological Concepts and Perspectives)
  2. SOC 101 (Canadian Society) or SOC 102 (Social Problems)
Statistics and Methods:
  1. SOC 210 (Introduction to Social Statistics) (MAT 151 (Introduction to Statistical Methods) and PSY 211 (Statistical Methods for Psychological Research) are acceptable equivalents)
  2. SOC 315 (Introduction to Social Methodology)
  1. SOC 332 (The Development of Sociology I) and SOC 333 (Development of Sociology II)
Foundations of Society:
  1. 6 credits chosen from
  1. SOC 405 (Special Topics in Sociology)
Advanced or Independent Studies:
  1. One of
Substantive Areas:
  1. 12 credits of unspecified senior-level SOC courses
  1. 0–18 credits of unspecified SOC courses with a maximum of 3 credits at the junior level
In addition to the above, students must complete:
  1. 6 credits of courses in the Faculty of Science
  2. 6 credits of ENG courses
In addition to the above, students must present:
  1. AIT 100 (Undergraduate Academic Integrity Training)

[Approved by the General Faculties Council on March 18th, 2022]

Permissible minors:
All minors listed in section 10.6 other than Sociology and Forensic Studies.
WRI 300 (Essay Writing (Non-fiction)) is strongly recommended.


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