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10.1 Institutional Learning Outcomes 2022/2023

10.1 Institutional Learning Outcomes

Concordia University of Edmonton is a community of learners engaged in a process of continuous and mutually supportive learning that recognizes the importance of academic knowledge, information literacy, engagement with Indigenous peoples and perspectives, international awareness, and wellness. In keeping with these principles and with Concordia’s mission and vision, our goal for you when you graduate is to ensure that you achieve these four learning outcomes:

  1. You demonstrate independent thinking
    1. by considering problems carefully and reflectively;
    2. by using evidence to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate concepts; and
    3. by communicating effectively.
  2. You exemplify an ethical character
    1. by appreciating the value of yourself, others, and the world
    2. by acting with integrity and respecting diversity; and
    3. by being honest and accountable.
  3. You practice full citizenship
    1. by being an active and engaged member of your community;
    2. by contributing to the betterment of society; and
    3. by exercising your democratic responsibilities.
  4. You contribute the foundational knowledge of your university degree
    1. by employing independent judgement;
    2. by using your academic skills to evaluate and solve problems; and
    3. by using your wisdom to achieve positive change.