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8.1 Student Government 2021/2022

8.1 Student Government

8.1.1 Undergraduate

All students in undergraduate-level university programs, Education After-degree and Environmental Health After-degree programs are members of the Concordia University of Edmonton Students’ Association (CSA), which is governed by its policies and bylaws. In the month of March, CSA members elect the governing Executive and General Councils for the upcoming academic year.

Students are an important part of the decision-making process at Concordia University of Edmonton. The CSA President and an additional CSA executive member serve as voting members on the Board of Governors and the CSA appoints representatives to serve as voting members of institutional committees, including the CSA President and CSA VP Academic on the General Faculty Council.

The CSA is the representative and support organization for students and advises on, and assists in, representing students on campus. The CSA hears student needs and concerns, and advocates for student rights to the administration of Concordia University of Edmonton as well as all levels of government. The CSA is a member of the lobby organization ASEC (Alberta Student Executive Council) which includes 17 post-secondary institutions and over 100,000 students across the province, as well as numerous other advocacy organizations across all levels of government to promote student interests.. The CSA also plans events and activities throughout the year.

8.1.2 Graduate

All students in graduate-level programs are members of the Concordia University of Edmonton Graduate Students’ Association (CGSA), which is governed by its constitution (see section 13.2).