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5.5 Payment of Fees 2020/2021

5.5 Payment of Fees

5.5.1 Fee Payment Deadlines

All fees are due the first day of class. However, students may pay semester fees by the deadline for that semester without a carrying charge. Fee payment deadlines are published in the Academic Schedule, section 2.0.

Current students with overdue fees may have their registration cancelled.

Returning students whose outstanding accounts were previously sent to a collection agency must pay their outstanding accounts, collection costs, and applicable deposits before registration and their full tuition prior to the start of classes. Payments must be made by a secured method; personal cheques must be certified.

5.5.2 Payment Methods

  1. In person at Student Accounts by cash, cheque, bank draft, or debit card. Concordia University of Edmonton reserves the right to refuse payments made by cheque.
  2. Current students may pay by credit card through Plastiq.com. Concordia University of Edmonton does not accept direct credit card payments for tuition and fees, however students may choose to use Plastiq, a third party credit card processor, to pay their tuition (processing fees apply).
  3. Current students may pay online, in person, using ATM or telephone banking at most major banks and credit unions in Canada. Make sure to choose Concordia University of Edmonton (not Concordia University in Montreal). Reference your student ID number as your account number.
  4. International students who need to send payment by wire can email the student accounts office for wire instructions at studentaccounts@concordia.ab.ca
  5. If you are a sponsored student, written documentation indicating your sponsorship must be received from your sponsoring agency prior to registration. Please provide a letter from your sponsor with the following information:/li>
    • the specific fees covered by your sponsor (i.e. tuition, books, etc.),
    • the terms covered by your sponsor,
    • the maximum dollar amount, if applicable,
    • complete invoicing information including name of agency, address, phone number and contact name.

    Note: Refunds for sponsored students will be made directly to the sponsoring agency.

  6. By student loan payments, according to the way the funds are disbursed. Payments are applied first toward the fees that students owe to Concordia University of Edmonton. If the student loan payment does not cover fees in full for that study period, students are responsible for paying the outstanding fees by the published deadlines.
    1. Disbursements for the academic year:
      1. Students who receive one disbursement have their fees for the full academic year deducted from the single payment.
      2. Students who receive two disbursements have their fees for the academic year deducted proportionately to the disbursement payments.
    2. Disbursements for one semester:
      1. Students who receive one disbursement have their fees for that semester deducted from the single payment.
  7. Note: It may take up to eight weeks for the government to process a government student loan application. Students should apply early to ensure that Concordia University of Edmonton receives student loan funds on or before the fee payment deadlines published in the Academic Schedule, section 2.0.

5.5.3 Unpaid Fees

Fees unpaid by the payment deadlines published in the Academic Schedule (section 2.0) are subject to a carrying charge. Students who do not pay their fees by the payment deadline remain indebted for their fees until payment is made. Non-payment of fees does not constitute the official discontinuation of studies at Concordia University of Edmonton (Discontinuing Studies, section 4.3.3).

Concordia University of Edmonton withholds cheques, transcripts, statements of grades, and degrees from students with unpaid accounts or fines, restricts them from online services, and cancels or denies them future registration. Unpaid accounts may be sent to a collection agency for recovery and may be reported to the Credit Bureau. Other restrictions may apply.

  1. Carrying charge: 1.5% per month of outstanding balance (18% per annum).
  2. Minimum carrying charge: $5.00.
  3. Dishonoured cheques: $25.00 service charge.

5.5.4 Refunds and Reduction in Fees

Students are eligible for refunds or a reduction in fees if they officially discontinue all of their studies at Concordia University of Edmonton by completing the program withdrawal form through Online Services for Students before the published deadlines listed in the Academic Schedule (section 2.0).

Students who withdraw from a course after Census Day and remain registered in other courses at Concordia University of Edmonton are ineligible for a reduction in fees.

Concordia University of Edmonton reduces Education Fees on a pro-rata basis for students who are required to discontinue their studies because of unacceptable grades or conduct.

The deadlines for any refunds or reduction in fees are published by program in the Academic Schedule, section 2.0. If a payment was made by credit card, the refund will be issued back to the credit card used to make payment. All other refunds are issued by cheque and are normally issued within four to six weeks.

Non-payment of fees and/or non-attendance do not constitute official withdrawal from Concordia University of Edmonton.