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About the Instructor

Marcella Siqueira Cassiano, PhD


Lecturer in Sociology and Researcher of population governance issues, Marcella holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Alberta and a master’s degree from Shandong University in China.

She lived in China for five years in a row between 2002 and 2007, where she learned Mandarin, completed her master’s degree, and worked.

In 2015, Marcella returned to China to spend another year to collect data for her doctoral project. Her research focuses on policies and practices that manufacture social conformity and regulate populations in the contexts of work and migration in China and Canada.

She is currently working on the publication of her doctoral work on China’s household registration system and collaborating with Dr. Delphine Nakache (University of Ottawa) on a research project about undocumented immigrants in Canada.

Prior to becoming an academic, Marcella accumulated extensive professional experience working with the Chinese market in the areas of supply chain development and market analysis at several large corporations such as Alcoa, Altona, Eaton, and Vale.

Selected Publications

  • Siqueira Cassiano, Marcella. 2019. “China’s Hukou Platform: Windows into the Family.” Surveillance & Society 17 (1/2): 232–39.
  • Siqueira Cassiano, Marcella. 2017. “The Reform of China’s Household Registration System: Authoritarianism with Liberal Characteristics.” Surveillance & Society 15 (3/4): 404–17.
  • Siqueira Cassiano, Marcella, Sara Dorow and Heather Schmidt. 2017. “Media Representations of Investment and Labour in Alberta’s Resource Economy.” In Trans-Pacific Mobilities: The Chinese and Canada, edited by Lloyd L. Wong, 102-14. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press.
  • Siqueira Cassiano, Marcella. 2018. “A Century of Change in a Chinese Village. Commentary.” Space and Culture. Available at: http://www.spaceandculture.com/2018/12/27/commentary-on-a-century-of-change-in-a-chinese-village/
  • Siqueira Cassiano, Marcella. 2017. “Review of Gary T. Marx, Windows into the Soul: Surveillance and Society in an Age of High Technology.” Asian Journal of Criminology 12(3): 231–33.
  • Dorow, Sara, Marcella Siqueira Cassiano and Chad Doerksen. “Live-in Caregivers in Fort McMurray: A Socioeconomic Footprint.” On the Move Project, 52 pages. Available at: http://www.onthemovepartnership.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Live-in-Caregivers-in-Fort-McMurray-Dorow-et-al.-January-2015.pdf (accessed January 2020).
  • Siqueira Cassiano, Marcella, Gordon Houlden, and Jingjing Zheng. 2013. “Albertans’ Views on China.” Annual Survey of the China Institute of the University of Alberta, 35 pages. https://cloudfront.ualberta.ca/-/media/china/media-gallery/research/alberta-surveys/2013albertansviewonchina.pdf (accessed January 2020).

Translation Work

  • Lin, Juren and Yuxi Xie. 2018. A Century of Change in a Chinese Village: The Crisis of the Countryside. Translated by Linda Grove, Dan Li and Marcella Siqueira Cassiano and edited by Linda Grove). Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 319 pages.

Most Relevant Awards

  • 2017 Karol J Krotki Population Research Graduate Scholarship, Canada.
  • 2016 Walter and Edith (Hughes) Fryers Graduate Scholarship, Canada.
  • 2015 Confucius Institute “Joint-Research PhD Fellowship,” China.
  • 2013 Society of Edmonton Demographers Award, Canada.

Teaching Portfolio

  • Introductory Sociology
  • Classical Sociological Theory
  • Criminology
  • Sociology of Deviance and Social Conformity
  • Social Inequality and Social Stratification
  • Social Problems
  • Gender Studies
  • Demography of China
  • Social Methodology