Frequently Asked Questions


  • I have submitted an online application.  Can I access it again or check the status online?
    • Applicants cannot make changes to the application once it is submitted online.  If you made errors, please notify our office by email and include your full name and application tracking #.
    • Applicants cannot check the status of their application online.  Please email our office for an update and include your full name and application tracking #.
  • Where do I submit the additional program-specific requirements (e.g., resume, security clearance, reference letter, etc.)?
  • I have sent documents to your office by mail/courier.  How do I know whether they have been delivered?
    • When we receive documents by mail/courier, we normally send an acknowledgement email within 5 business days. If you have not received any notice, please contact our office by email and include the following: your full name, application tracking #, and document type.
  • I won't be able to submit all of the application requirements by the deadline.  Can I defer my application to the next semester?
    • An application is valid only for the semester for which it was initially submitted and cannot be deferred.  As such, applicants who wish to consider a new start date will be required to submit a new application and pay the application fee again.


  • What is an official transcript?
    • Applicants must arrange to have a sealed official transcript from each post-secondary institution ever attended or currently attending sent directly to our office.  The document must show final grades for all courses taken at the institution. 
    • A transcript is official only if it is original; sealed in an institution envelope; signed or stamped on the flap by the issuing institution; and sent directly to our office by mail or courier. (NOTE: Notarized copies are not acceptable.)
    • Transcripts must clearly list the degree awarded and the degree conferment date.  Otherwise, the issuing institution must also issue an official letter in this regard or a certified-true copy of the degree certificate.  This document should be sent with the official transcript.
  • What if I am still enrolled in classes?
    • For applicants who are currently enrolled in classes, they must arrange to have interim transcripts sent immediately from the institutions and then final transcripts sent at the completion of their studies.
  • My institution issues only one original transcript.
    • Ask the institution to make a photocopy of your official transcript (and degree certificate) OR send a photocopy of your original transcript (and degree certificate) to the institution.
    • Then request the institution to do the ALL of the following with the photocopy:
      • Attest or certify each page of the photocopy to be a true copy of the original document;
      • Stamp the photocopy with an official institution seal AND/OR put the Registrar’s original signature on the photocopy;
      • Put the attested copy in an institution envelope; seal it; and endorse it by signing (or stamping) on the flap of the envelope;
      • Send the sealed envelope directly to our office by mail or courier.
  • My institution issues documents in a language other than English.
    • Official documents in the original language must be submitted as stated above.
    • In addition, a complete, literal (word-by-word) English translation must also be submitted.
      • This English translation must be completed by the issuing institution’s translation service or a certified English translator AND be certified to be true.  (NOTE: If you use a certified English translator outside of the institution, please provide a separate copy of the documents for their use. Please do not open the official transcript since it must reach our office sealed.)
      • The translation service or translator must put the documents that were used for the purpose of translation AND the English translation in an institution (or company) envelope.  The envelope must be sealed and endorsed on the flap by the translation service or translator.  Then the sealed envelope must be sent directly to our office by mail or courier.
  • Do I need to submit an official transcript from an institution that I attended only for a semester?
    • Yes, applicants are required to submit official transcripts from ALL post-secondary institutions where they have taken or are taking courses – whether or not they believe the record will have bearing on their admission.  If you  have questions or concerns, please contact our office by email.


  • I have already paid the pre-registration deposit but will not be able to attend Concordia.
    • Domestic Students: The pre-registration deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • International Students:
      • In the case of international students who decide to withdraw before entering Canada, Concordia refunds the pre-registration deposit minus the $400 non-refundable portion, provided they return Concordia’s original letter of acceptance and Concordia’s letter for Immigration.
      • In the case of international students whose study permit/visa applications are unsuccessful and therefore cannot accept Concordia’s offer of admission, Concordia returns the entire pre-registration deposit, including the $400 portion, provided that the students return Concordia’s original letter of acceptance, original study permit letter, and the letter of refusal from the Canadian Immigration office.
      • Cheques for refunds are normally issued within four to six weeks.  


  • Where can I get more information for international students – e.g., living in Edmonton (weather, residence, expenses), medical insurance, and work permit, etc.?

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