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Program Evaluation for Professionals

Program Evaluation for Professionals

This introductory course is for professionals interested in integrating evaluation plans and principles into their work. Evaluations help maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of programs and policies, and demonstrate their value to constituents and funders. This course is applicable to any active decision-maker whether personal or professional, advisor, researcher, and designer.

This course contributes to developing the Technical Practice and Management Practice competencies identified by the Canadian Evaluation Society as required for sound evaluation practice.

Course outcomes:

At the end of the course, you will:

  • Understand the terminology and principles essential to knowledgeable evaluators and consumers of evaluation;
  • Be able to communicate the value of evaluation in your workplace;
  • Know the elements of a good evaluation plan and project;
  • Be able to judge when your evaluation needs can be met internally and when an external expert is required, as well as suggestions for containing evaluation scope and cost;
  • Have experience developing elements of an evaluation plan;
  • Have resources and knowledge to implement evaluations in your workplace; and
  • Start becoming “evaluative thinkers” who can integrate the principles of evaluation into a wide-range of design, assessment, and continuous improvement activities.

Course Information:

The following topics will be covered in eight three-hour sessions:

Introduction to Evaluation as a Discipline

  • Background on evaluation as a discipline and profession;
  • Types of evaluation;
  • Evaluation uses and purposes of evaluation.

The Program Profile

  • Researching your program and creating a program profile;
  • Developing and identifying good program outcomes;
  • Using and developing logic models.

Scoping an Evaluation

  • Determining your purpose and scope;
  • Resourcing an evaluation and the pros and cons of internal and external evaluations;
  • Evaluation approaches;
  • Engaging stakeholders through steering committees.

Building an Evaluation Matrix

  • The evaluation matrix tool and its role in evaluation planning and implementation;
  • Evaluation themes;
  • Developing evaluation questions.
  • Identifying quality indicators;
  • Data sources and data collection methods;
  • Implementing your evaluation matrix.

Creating and Communicating Evaluation Findings and Recommendations

  • Collaborative and independent approaches to analyzing findings and developing recommendations;
  • Usefulness as a principle of quality evaluations;
  • Strategies for communicating findings and recommendations.

Integrating Evaluation into your Organization

  • Discrete evaluation projects vs. ongoing performance monitoring;
  • Tips for creating a culture of evaluation and building evaluation maturity;
  • Optimizing existing skills and information resources.
  • Challenges with evaluation and strategies for overcoming.

Course Schedule

Course CodeDayTimeDatesTotal Hours
X-PSD 93Thursdays6:00 pm – 9:00 pmOctober 4 – November 29, 202224 hours

Additional Information

Format: Online
Pre-requisites: None
Course Fee: $450 + GST

About our instructor: Stephanie Gazzola, MA, CE

  • Master of Arts (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Credentialed Evaluator (Canadian Evaluation Society) with ten years of experience as a professional evaluator in private and government settings.

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