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Bill Hanson

Bill Hanson, PhD, RPsych
Professor & Director of Training, Clinical Psychology

Office: AW 231
Phone: 780-378-8452
Email: bill.hanson@concordia.ab.ca
Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Awards
Graduate Teaching Award, University of Alberta, 2018
Award for Distinguished Teaching, University of Nebraska, 2005

Academic & Clinical Interests
Psychological Assessment & Evaluation
Measurement-Based Care
Integrative Psychotherapy
Health Psychology
Therapist Training & Development
Mixed Methods Research

Research Interests

Dr. Hanson is a process-outcome researcher and, generally speaking, is interested in “what works” (and why) in clinical training, supervision, and practice. He’s particularly interested in assessment feedback processes regarding trainee development/performance and the treatment progress of clients. He’s also interested in humanistic approaches to psychological testing, like Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment. Over the years, he has published widely and presented regularly on these topics. Additionally, he has published and presented on mixed methods research, which involves the collection, analysis, and integration/mixing of quantitative and qualitative data. Currently, he serves on two international Editorial Boards, including the European Journal of Psychological Assessment and the Journal of Personality Assessment. For fun, he studies hockey analytics and is a guest writer for the Edmonton Journal.

Recent Publications

Cormier, D. C., Hanson, W. E., & Flanagan, A. M. (2020). Research designs and methods with adolescents and emerging adults. In S. Hupp & J. Jewell (Eds.), Encyclopedia of child and adolescent development (pp. 1-12). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Dubue, J. D., & Hanson, W. E. (in press). Psychologists’ experiences conducting suicide risk assessments: A phenomenological study. Canadian Journal of Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Hanson, W. E., Leighton, J. P., Donaldson, S. I., Oakland, T., Terjesen, M., & Shealy, C. N. (in press). Assessment: The power and potential of psychological testing, educational measurement, and program evaluation around the world. In C. N. Shealy & M. Bullock (Eds.), Going global: How psychology and psychologists can meet a world in need. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Zhou, H., Hanson, W. E., Jacobson, R. M., Allan, A., Armstrong, D. L., Dykshoorn, K., & Pott, T. (in press). Psychological test feedback: Canadian clinicians’ perceptions and practices. Canadian Journal of Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Most-Cited Journal Articles

Creswell, J. W., Hanson, W. E., Plano Clark, V. L., & Morales, A. (2007). Qualitative research designs: Selection and implementation. The Counseling Psychologist, 35, 236-264. [Cited by 3,041]

Hanson, W. E., Creswell, J. W., Plano Clark, V. L., Petska, K. S., & Creswell, J. D. (2005). Mixed methods research designs in counseling psychology. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 52, 224-235. [Cited by 1,959]

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Hanson, W. E., Curry, K. T., & Bandalos, D. L. (2002). Reliability generalization of Working Alliance Inventory scale scores. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 62, 659-673. [Cited by 209]

Published Test Reviews

Hanson, W. E., & Merker, B. M. (2005). [Review of Outcome Questionnaire-45.2]. In B. S. Plake, J. C. Impara, & R. A. Spies (Eds.), The sixteenth mental measurements yearbook (pp. 737-739). Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute for Testing.

Hanson, W. E. (2003). [Review of Brief Symptom Inventory 18]. In B. S. Plake, J. C. Impara, & R. A. Spies (Eds.), The fifteenth mental measurements yearbook (pp. 138-141). Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute for Testing.

Hanson, W. E. (2001). [Review of Butcher Treatment Planning Inventory]. In B. S. Plake & J. C. Impara (Eds.), The fourteenth mental measurements yearbook (pp. 198-202). Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute for Testing.

Recent Conference Presentations

Hanson, W. E. Turbocharging psychotherapy: The many therapeutic benefits of treatment process monitoring. In D. Truscott (Chair), Process, progress, and outcome monitoring in psychotherapy: The good, the bad, and the ugly. Symposium accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association, Ottawa, Ont (2021).

Armstrong, D. L., Hanson, W. E., & Hawkins, W. L. (2019, May). Collaborative/therapeutic assessment with psychiatric inpatients diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Psychological Association, Halifax, NS.

Hanson, W. E. (2019, May). Measuring grit. In A. Mosewich (Chair), Analyzing grit. Symposium conducted at The Sport Conference, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB.

Poth, C., & Hanson, W. E. (2018, July). Mixed methods research in a complex world: Big problems, bigger solutions. Cultivating the Globally Sustainable Self conference/Summit Series, Banff, AB.