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The 3-year French concentration at Concordia University of Edmonton is designed to give you a broad understanding of the foundational principals of the French language. With a pedagogy oriented towards a communicative approach and task-based activities, you will discover the richness and diversity of the French and Francophone cultures. Our growing international programs also offer you the option to study in a Francophone country.

Graduates with knowledge of the French language are uniquely positioned to succeed in Canada’s job market. The French language skill is perfect for jobs in all levels of politics, teaching, and international relations. French is also a competitive advantage on your resume that can separate you from other jobseekers. As a graduate of the three-year concentration, students have obtained a great foundation in the French language, through regular practice and learning of the French vocabulary and grammatical structures.

Go International!

We also offer an International Double Degree.  You can begin your 3-year degree at Concordia University of Edmonton and complete the final year at Université de Bretagne – Sud in France.  You’ll earn both Bachelor of Arts (French) from Concordia University of Edmonton and the Licence Lettres Modernes from Université de Bretagne – Sud!