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Seyma Yildirim-Erbasli

Dr. Seyma Yildirim-Erbasli

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

Academic Interests

Cognitive abilities
Psychometric issues in assessments
Digital and psycho-educational assessments
Data science (e.g., data mining and data visualization)
Artificial intelligence

Research Interests

“How can we address the problems in assessment?” has been the persistent question driving research studies of Dr. Yildirim-Erbasli. To date, researchers have often recommended the use of reactive approaches after an assessment is completed. For example, researchers have recommended and employed methods that can identify and eliminate careless responses after self-report measures are completed. Despite the importance of these reactive approaches, Dr. Yildirim-Erbasli also believes that recent breakthroughs and advances in data science, natural language processing, and artificial intelligence provide researchers and practitioners with opportunities to propose proactive approaches that can address the problems in assessments before an assessment is completed. Her work has been published in top-quality academic journals such as British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology and presented at professional conferences such as Learning Analytics and Knowledge.

Courses Taught

PSY 211 – Statistical Methods for Psychological Research (Fall 2022)

For further information on Dr. Yildirim-Erbasli’s work, check out her website