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Faculty & Staff


Caroline Howarth
Chair, Fine Arts (Until June 30, 2022)
Office: A201A
Phone: 780-479-9269
Email: caroline.howarth@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. Danielle Lisboa
Chair, Fine Arts (Beginning July 1, 2022)
Office: A308
Phone: 780-479-9327
Email: danielle.lisboa@concordia.ab.ca

Jolaine Kerley
Program Coordinator, Music
Office: A302
Phone: 780-479-9307
Email: jolaine.kerley@concordia.ab.ca

General inquiries: music@concordia.ab.ca

Teaching Faculty

Dr. Danielle Lisboa
Associate Professor, Chair, Fine Arts, Director of Instrumental Activities & Music Theory Coordinator
Expertise: Orchestral Conducting, Music Theory, Chamber Music
Office: A308
Phone: 780-479-9327
Email: danielle.lisboa@concordia.ab.ca

Jolaine Kerley
Assistant Professor
Expertise: Voice, Vocal Pedagogy, Vocal Diction, Vocal Literature 
Office: A302
Phone: 780-479-9307
Email: jolaine.kerley@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. John Brough
Assistant Professor, Director of Choral Activities
Expertise: Choral Conducting, Music History
Office: A306
Phone: 780-479-9301
Email: john.brough@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. Joy Berg
Professor of Music (retired)
Expertise: Church Music
Email: joy.berg@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. Ping-Shan Liao
Adjunct Professor
Expertise: Piano, Piano Literature, Piano Pedagogy, Music Theory
Office: A310
Phone: 780-378-8434
Email: ping-shan.liao@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. Jamie Meyers-Riczu
Expertise: Musicology
Email: jamie.meyers-riczu@concordia.ab.ca

Wendy Grasdahl
Music Director, Festival City Winds Music Society
Expertise: Wind Ensembles, Trumpet
Email: wendy.grasdahl@concordia.ab.ca

John Lawrence
Expertise: Music Therapy
Email: john.lawrence@concordia.ab.ca

Laura Hawley
Expertise: Composition
Email: laura.hawley@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. Barry Bromley
Professor Emeritus

Dr. John Hooper
Professor Emeritus

Studio Instructors

Mary Fearon
Expertise: French Horn
Email: mary.fearon@concordia.ab.ca

Michel Forestier
Expertise: Classical Guitar
Email: michel.forestier@concordia.ab.ca

Frank Ho
Expertise: Violin
Email: frank.ho@concordia.ab.ca

Matthew Jennejohn
Expertise: Baroque Oboe
Email: matthew.jennejohn@concordia.ab.ca

Elizabeth Koch
Expertise: Flute
Email: elizabeth.koch@concordia.ab.ca

Court Laslop
Expertise: Percussion
Email: court@laslop.ca

Beth Levia
Expertise: Oboe
Email: beth.levia@concordia.ab.ca

Alden Lowrey
Expertise: Low Brass
Email: alden.lowrey@concordia.ab.ca

Mairi-Irene McCormack
Expertise: Voice
Email: mairiirene.mccormack@concordia.ab.ca

Amy Nicholson
Expertise: Cello
Email: amy.nicholson@concordia.ab.ca

Jan Urke
Expertise: Double Bass
Email: jan.urke@concordia.ab.ca

Ben Whittier
Expertise: Saxophone
Email: whittier@ualberta.ca

Concordia’s Music faculty is supported by a number of sessional instructors from Edmonton’s professional community, including members of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, who provide instruction in a variety of classical music disciplines including (but not limited to):

  • Keyboard (piano, organ, harpsichord, accordion)
  • Strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass and harp)
  • Winds (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and saxophone)
  • Brass (trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium and tuba)
  • Percussion (mallet instruments and timpani)

Please send an inquiry to Concordia’s music office if there is an instrument you wish to study at Concordia.