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Religious Studies course skills

Religious Studies courses help you develop the following abilities:

  • Understanding how religions and other world-views shape culture and individuals, and are shaped by them.
  • Gaining insights of how hidden assumptions, value systems, and world-views affect thought and action.
  • Having a critical ability to evaluate world-views and ideologies.
  • Applying issues connected to religions and other world-views to any setting (personal, social, and political).
  • Speaking with confidence and insight on hot-button religious issues in current events.
  • Articulating subtle, complex, abstract thinking and detecting unspoken assumptions.
  • Understanding the rationales and practices of ethics and ethical systems.
  • Persuading and detecting persuasive tactics being used.
  • Gaining sensitivity to the views of others and the ability to relate honestly, compassionately and effectively.
  • Understanding the relationship of the individual to the group.
  • Preparing and making presentations.
  • Effectively conducting research, evaluating data, and creating systems for evaluation.
  • Gaining self-discipline, self-awareness and focus.
  • Taking leadership in small and large ways towards improving the world.
  • Taking ownership of your value system, world-view and conduct.