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Bill Anderson
Professor of Pop Culture and Religious Studies 
Postmodern Philosophy and Hermeneutics, Biblical Exegesis and the Theological Task, Wisdom Literature, Ancient Near East, Archaeology and Historiography, Pop Culture, Philosophy and Religion

Inhee Cho (Inhee C. Berg)
Professor of Classics and Religious Studies
Biblical Hermeneutics, New Testament Studies, Socio-Scientific Approach to Christianity in Greco-Roman World (Social Minorities, Gender and Women, Law and Politics), Jewish-Christian Relations, Religion and Literature, Classics (Classical Greek-Latin Languages and Literature), Western Religious Tradition

Gary Colwell
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics, Free Will and Determinism

Travis Dumsday
Associate Professor of Philosophy; Department Chair
Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, The Mediaeval Period

Daniel Krispin
Sessional Instructor
Classics, Latin, Greek

Tim Labron
Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Philosophy of Religion, Epistemology, Science and Religion, Wittgenstein, World Religions

Dale Lindskog
Associate Professor of Information Security
Wittgenstein, Logic, Philosophy of logic and language

John Maxfield
Professor of History and Religious Studies
History and Theology of the Reformation; Luther Studies; History of Christianity; Western European Cultural History; Western Religious Cultures and Traditions

Lisa Micheelsen
Sessional Instructor
Ancient Greek and Latin philology and literature, Greek and Roman eschatology and thanatology, gender and race in the ancient world and in the history of classical scholarship, Hellenistic Egypt

Steven Muir
Professor of Religious Studies; Religious Studies Program Coordinator
Biblical Studies, Christianity in the Roman Empire, Methodology in the study of religion (including anthropology, sociology, and the comparative study of world religions). Topics of interest relating to religion in the ancient world include: healing, travel and pilgrimage, ritual, social identity, and group relations.

Jonathan Strand
Professor of Philosophy
Philosophy of Religion, Logic, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology