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Reopening CUE for Fall 2020


Full-time Faculty Members

Dr. Tolly Bradford
Assistant Professor of History, Coordinator, History
Email: tolly.bradford@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: 780-479-9315
Office A-201B

Dr. Efa Etorama
Associate Professor of Sociology
Phone: 479-9342
Office: HA323

Oliver Franke
Chair – Social Science, Assistant Professor of Political Economy
Email: oliver.franke@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1 780 378 8435
Office: FH104

Dr. John Jayachandran
Professor of Sociology, Coordinator, Sociology
Email: john.jayachandran@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: 780-479-9343
Office: HA321

Dr. Colin Neufeldt
Associate Professor of History
Email: colin.neufeldt@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: 780-378-8427
Office: A201-D

Dr. Elizabeth Smythe
Professor of Political Science, Program Coordinator-Political Economy
Email: elizabeth.smythe@concordia.ab.ca
Phone: +1 780 479 9371
Office: FH202