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The Departments of Fine Arts, Literature and Language, Philosophy and Religious Studies, Psychology, and Social Sciences have designed for you a high-quality educational experience to help you attain the following objectives:

  1. To discover, from scientific, theological, humanistic, and creative perspectives, insights from past and present into what it means to be human.
  2. To develop methods of thought and inquiry that will lay the foundation of your future knowledge and wisdom.
  3. To learn to read and to listen critically, to write persuasively, and to communicate with a confidence born of knowledge.
  4. To train in the latest methods of research and digital literacy appropriate to each area of study.
  5. To perceive and foster connections among your areas of study, and the wider world around you.
  6. To identify with Concordia University of Edmonton’s aim of developing “independent thinkers, ethical leaders and citizens for the common good.”
  7. To create the basis of your future academic, professional, or vocational career, enabling you to “learn for life.”