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Why study religion?

Follow the link to a persuasive article in the Huffington Post addressing the question, “why study religion?”

Although the article is framed in terms of American issues, the broad points are applicable here in Canada.  To summarize:

  • You don’t have to be religious to study religion.
  • The study of religion is a significant and rewarding intellectual pursuit in and of itself.
  • You will gain insight into the human condition — the issues which have confronted people since ancient times and the variety of answers they have come up with.
  • You will be engaging with profound, challenging ideas and thinkers.
  • The issues debated and the understanding achieved will help you make the world a better place (whether or not you are or become religious).
  • People love to talk about religious controversies.  These are hot-button issues — and you can be an informed expert!
  • You can take a mature responsibility for your world-view.  Don’t simply accept what your parents and religious leaders say.