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Resources for the 4-Year Psychology Applied Emphasis Program

Students in the 4-year Psychology Applied Emphasis program do one field placement, working at a community agency 8 hours/week from September to April for course credit. 

The degree helps students to be “market ready” for work upon graduation and/or to be well prepared for graduate school programs in areas such as counselling.  Students need to be in their second year in order to apply to this field placement program.

Visit the current academic calendar, to learn more about admission requirements, application dates and how to apply.

The following resources may be helpful to you:

Find out how to apply to the Applied Emphasis program here, as well as what you can expect to encounter during the program.

Resources for the Graduate Diplomas and Certificates in Psychological Assessment

If you are interested in the graduate diplomas and certificates offered in Psychological Assessment, this resource may be helpful to you.