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Inhee Cho

prinhee-cho-professor-philosophyInhee Cho (Inhee C. Berg)

Professor of Classics and Religious Studies
Phone: 780.479.9370
Office: L286

Ph.D, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis
MA (in Classics), Washington University, St. Louis
MA, Concordia Seminary, St. Louis
M. Div, Luther Seminary, Seoul
BA, Luther University, Seoul
BA (in Japanese Lit.), Kyung-Hee University, Seoul

Select Administrative Appointments

  • International editorial board member of an International Journal, “Literature and Religion” of The Korean Society for Literature and Religion.
  • International editorial board member of an International Journal, “Korean Journal of Christian Studies” of Korea Association of Christian Studies.
  • Editorial board member of the Journal, Religious Studies and Theology, Equinox and University of Alberta Publishing.
  • Department Chair, 2016–2019.
  • SSHRC Graduate Scholarship Masters Selection Committee, 2012–2015.
  • Admission & Scholarship Committee, 2012–2015.
  • MA in BCS (Biblical Christian Studies) Committee, 2008–2017.
  • EPC (Educational Policy Committee) and GFC (General Faculty Council), 2008–2014.
  • Steering committee member and an editorial board member of the New Testament Studies for international association, SBL (Society of Biblical Literature), 2009–2011.

Academic Interests and Specializations

New Testament Studies (the Gospels and the Pauline Epistles), Hermeneutics (Literary-Critical and Socio-Scientific Approaches), Early Christian Origins in the Ancient Mediterranean World, Gender and Christian Origins, Social Minorities and Christianity, Literature and Religions, and Classics (Ancient Greco-Roman Languages and Literature).

Select Awards

  • SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council) Explore Grant for an Innovative Research Project, “God and Man Examined from the Angle of Disability,” 2019–2020.
  • Monograph, “Irony in the Matthean Passion Narrative” nominated for Frank W. Beare Book Award of CSBS (Canadian Society of Biblical Studies) in recognition of an outstanding book in the areas of Christian Origins, Post-Biblical Judaism and/or Graeco-Roman Religions, 2014.
  • CUE Internal Research Grant for the project of the “History of Biblical Interpretation,” 2014–2015.
  • Central States (U.S.A) SBL (Society of Biblical Literature)/ AAR (American Academy of Religion) Regional Scholar Award, 2009.
  • Research Fellowships for the project of “Vetus Latina,” Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, USA, 2004–2006.
  • Research Fellowships for the Project of the “Book of Psalms,” Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, U.S.A, 2003–2004.

Select Research

2020 Peer Reviewed Article, “Four Criteria for Identifying the Socially Marginal in the Social Context of Early Christianity Reflected in the New Testament.” Acta Theologica, 40(1):6–27.

2020 Peer Reviewed Article, “Female Gender Marginality in the Imperial Roman World: Affinity between Women and Slaves in Their Shared Stereotypes and Penetrability.” Gender Studies, 18 (1):1–26.

2020 “The New Testament and Intellectual Humility.” Journal of Evangelical Theological Society, 38 (1).

2018 Peer Reviewed Article, “The Gospel Traditions Inferring to Jesus’ Proper Burial through the Depictions of Female Funerary Kinship Roles.” Biblical Theology Bulletin, 47 (4): 216–229.

2015 “Matthew: Texts @ Contexts.” Religious Studies Review 41 (1): 23–26.

2014 Peer Reviewed Monograph, Irony in the Matthean Passion Narrative (Minneapolis: Fortress Press). The book was nominated for the F.W. Beare award by the Canadian Society for Biblical Studies (CSBS). This award recognizes an outstanding book in the areas of Christian Origins, Post-Biblical Judaism and/or Graeco-Roman Religions.

2011 Jesus, Matthew’s Gospel & Early Christianity Studies in Memory of Graham N. Stanton (eds. Daniel M. Gurtner, et al.; T & T Clark, 2011). As an editorial member of the SBL Matthew Steering Committee, received a special thanks.

2006 Trinummus in Sixteen Plays of Plautus: An Encyclopedia with Bibliography. Washington University, St. Louis, USA.

2006 Truculentus in Sixteen Plays of Plautus: An Encyclopedia with Bibliography. Washington University, St. Louis, USA.

2003 Translation, Good News Journal, Issue 12 on “Revelation” into Korean.

Multiple Book Reviews, Editorial Reviews, and International & Regional Conference Presentations.