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Mahdi Kashani

Mahdi Kashani
Sessional Instructor, English
PhD Candidate

Office: A201E
Email: Mahdi.kashani@concordia.ab.ca

Education and Interests:

  • PhD Candidate, 2019, University of Alberta,
  • MA, English, 2016, University of Alberta, Canada
  • MPhil, English, 2014, Korea University, South Korea
  • MA, English, 2010, Arak Azad University, Iran
  • BA, English, 2007, University of Arak, Iran

I specialize in Modernist literature and Postclassical Narratology. My current PhD research project deals with Antenarrativity in Late-modernism as they intersect with Irish and Global Geopolitics. “The Chaotic Narratology of Joycean Nocturnal Raconteurs: Finnegans Wake’s Quest for Mitigating Cosmic Narratives” is a dissertation that would help decode Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. I scrutinize the way stories are formed and narrated in the post-Einsteinian era and argue that specific aspects of Relativity and Chaos Theory inform a new conception of geopolitics and language. My shorter research projects and conference presentations deal with modernist and postmodernist cosmology and geopolitics.

I teach a broad range of subjects, including Greek and Roman Tragic Plays, first-year Introduction to Critical Analysis, Victorian and Modernist literature, Narrative theory, and world literature.

Select Publications:

 Kashani, Mahdi; and Harati M. “A Study of the Essence of Tragedy in Millerian Plays
            Throughout Nietzsche’s Idea of Inevitability,” C.S.Canada: Studies in Literature and
, Vol. 3, No. 3, 2011, pp. 79-85.

Kashani, Mahdi; and Ahmadian, M; “Mystic Aesthetics of Art in A Portrait of the Artist as a
            Young Man
by James Joyce,” (In Farsi); Journal of Contemporary Literary
, Tehran University. 2011.

Kashani, Mahdi, “Chaotic Aesthetics: A Postmodern Critique,” Journal of Postmodern
            Literary Criticism
, Al-Zahra University, 2009.

 Work in Progress:

 Kashani L. Mahdi. “Waking from a Nightmare: Ulysses’ New Cosmology in ‘Circe’.”
            Under Submission to James Joyce Quarterly.

 Professional Presentations:

 Kashani, Mahdi. (2016) “A Nebulae of Resonant Possible-Worlds: Postclassical
            Storytelling and the Textual Density in the 21st Century.” EFS Symposium.
            University of Alberta.

Kashani, Mahdi, (2014). “Nightmare Meets Singularity: Ulysses’ Cosmology in
            ‘Circe’.” Paper Presented at the annual conference of The Korean Society of
            British and American Fiction, Seoul, Korea.


Kashani, Mahdi. (2013) “Beyond Postmodern Narratology: A Chaotic Aesthetics.” English
            Department Annual Conference. Korea University.

Creative Writings:

 Kashani, Mahdi. “Lost in Time,” and “Moon, Again,” Poems published in Wither and
. GSEC, EFS University of Alberta. 2016.
Kashani, Mahdi. Dobare Mah (Moon Again). A Collection of Poems in Farsi.
            Mashhad: Butimar Pub. 2012.

Kashani, Mahdi. Az Ruzi Ke To Rafti (Since You’ve Gone). A Collection of Poems in Farsi.
            Mashhad: Butimar Pub. 2011.