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Our faculty strive to give you the best education possible. All of our English professors have a passion for reading, writing, and talking about good literature, and they enjoy sharing their literary interests with their students, both inside and outside the classroom. In addition, senior-level students have the opportunity to do an independent study (English 480) on a subject of their choice and under the supervision of a full-time faculty member.

Full-time Faculty

Dr. Timothy McNamara
Professor of English, Literature and Language

Office: A201-F
Phone: (780) 479-9302
Email: tim.mcnamara@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. Neil Querengesser

Professor of English, Dean, Arts

Office: HA224
Phone: (780) 479-9364
Email: neil.querengesser@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. Conrad van Dyk
Associate Professor of English

Office: HA317
Phone: (780) 378-8462
Email: conrad.vandyk@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. Linda Van Netten Blimke
Assistant Professor of English

Office: HA324
Phone: (780) 479-9354
Email: linda.vannettenblimke@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. Reginald Wiebe
Assistant Professor of English

Office: L278
Phone: TBA
Email: reginald.wiebe@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. Valerie Henitiuk
Vice-President Academic and Provost
Office: HA227
Email:   vpacademic@concordia.ab.ca 
Phone: +1 780 479 9384

Current Part-time Faculty

David Buchanan
Sessional Instructor
Office: L278A
Email: david.buchanan@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. Maureen King
Sessional Instructor
Office: G318
Phone: (780) 479-8481 ext. 5213
Email: maureen.king@concordia.ab.ca

Lisa Martin
Sessional Instructor
Office: S202 (B)
Phone: N/A
Email: lisa.martin@concordia.ab.ca

Katherine Miller
Sessional Instructor
Office: L272
Phone: N/A
Email: katherine.miller@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. Mark Morris
Sessional Instructor
Office: HA318
Phone: (780) 479-9350
Email: mark.morris@concordia.ab.ca

Jasmina Odor
Sessional Instructor
Office: HA329
Phone: (780) 479-8481 ext. 5223
Email: jasmina.odor@concordia.ab.ca

Sean Palmer
Sessional Instructor
Email: sean.palmer@concordia.ab.ca

Conrad Scott
Sessional Instructor
Office: G403
Email: conrad.scott@concordia.ab.ca

Professors Emeritus and Emerita

Dr. Catherine Eddy
Professor Emerita, since 2011
Email: catherine.eddy@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. Ruth Glancy
Professor Emerita, since 2013
Email: ruth.glancy@concordia.ab.ca

Dr. Marco LoVerso
Professor Emeritus, since 2015
Email: marco.loverso@concordia.ab.ca