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Program to Assist Grant Endeavours (PAGE)

A new program, coming soon!

PAGE has been designed to assist CUE faculty members in identifying external research funding sources and strengthening their applications. PAGE is led by the Assistant Vice-President of Research, with the coordinated assistance of the Director Innovation & Industry, the Office of Research Services, the BMO Centre for Innovation and Applied Research, the Indigenous Knowledge Research Centre, and the Library, through CUE’ Scholarly Communications Librarian.

Through PAGE, CUE seeks to further our externally-funded research portfolio by providing insight, support and access to eligible funding opportunities, ranging from the regular academic sponsors, to private, public and non-profit.

What will PAGE do, or not do?

PAGE will:

  • Identify and maintain a registry of external funding sources available to CUE researchers.
  • Promote dissemination opportunities (town hall meetings, visits from sponsors, webinars, etc.) related to research funding, grant writing and responsible use of funds.
  • Procure in-house and/or outsource training in grant writing and administration of research funds.
  • Broker the internal review of external grant applications prior to submission and upon request.
  • Educate external grant applicants in the development of budgets.
  • Coordinate in-house language use reviews of external grant applications, with the support of CUE’s Faculty Writing Circle.
  • Maintain an online presence via Inside CUE, newsletter and a webpage under “Research”.

PAGE will not:

  • Write grant applications.
  • Directly train researchers on how to prepare an application.
  • Provide research administration services (exclusive to the ORS).
  • Participate in the submission of applications for grant funding.
  • Assist applicants participating in competitions for Internal Research Grants.
  • Provide funds to researchers to prepare grant applications.
  • Participate in Research Trust Compliance Review processes.

To gain access to the services provided by PAGE, please contact the Office of Research Services by email at research@concordia.ab.ca.