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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The Interdisciplinary Research Cluster on Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence is an interdisciplinary group of scholars who share in interest in systems that are capable of learning without explicit programming. Faculty, staff, and students participating in the Cluster explore research interests in disciplines including machine learning, artificial intelligence, computational neuroscience, cognitive science, and philosophy of mind.

As a group, the Cluster gathers to communicate and share research on machine learning and artificial intelligence, and to provide a forum for collaboration on research involving learning algorithms, their applications, and the social and cultural impact of artificial intelligence.

Objectives and Intended Outputs

  1. To provide a forum for researchers and scholars to share their in-progress and completed research, to gather feedback, and to seek new perspectives
  2. To establish and promote collaboration in machine learning & artificial intelligence research across departments and disciplines
  3. To encourage an awareness of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and related topics throughout CUE and the broader community
  4. To facilitate professional development and to learn from the work of fellow scholars in the field

Group members

  • Ed Boraas, Chair, Chief Information Officer
  • Rossitza Marinova, PhD – Professor, Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • Alison Yacyshyn, PhD – Dean, Mihalcheon School of Management, Associate Professor
  • Sergey Butakov, PhD – Associate Professor, Information Security and Assurance
  • Fehmi Jaafar, PhD – Adjunct Professor, MISSM
  • Yasir Malik, PhD – Adjunct Professor, MISSM
  • Mike Wade – Director, Concordia Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence

Guest Participants

  • Daniel Lindsay – Selkirk Regional Health Centre

Friends of the Cluster

  • Dorothy Steffler
  • Katie Collins
  • Jonathan Strand
  • Manfred Zeuch
  • Dale Lindskog