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Faculty Research Symposium

The Faculty Research Symposium is aimed at promoting research led by CUE Faculty Members by locally hosting a series of conferences. Innovations in research and dissemination of findings will contribute to making CUE a fertile ground to grow and create its own niche in the research community in Canada and abroad.

We expect this event to be held annually or bi-annually, as participation by CUE faculty members demands it. During the preparation phase of the initial launch, we saw an enthusiastic response by our faculty. We anticipate this to be the driving force shaping the event for the future.

This event is organized by the Asst. Vice-President Research, with assistance from the Office of Research Services. If you have any questions about the event, please contact us at research@concordia.ab.ca.

Launch of the Faculty Research Symposium

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the launch of this event was delayed. Originally scheduled for the end of the Winter 2019-2020 term, it is now expected to be launched in the Fall of 2020. The launch is now being organized as a virtual symposium, which will transition to a formal event hosted at CUE once the restrictions imposed in response to COVID-19 has been eased or lifted.

Information on the launch of this important research event will be released via Inside CUE sometime in the Fall of 2020.


CUE Research thanks the Tri-Agency and their support via the Research Support Fund for their contribution to our institutional research. To read more about the Research Support Fund, please visit our website here.