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ARMIN Member Institutions

ARMIN has two categories of membership, voting and non-voting. The fee structure and number of memberships shall be defined by ARMIN Executive Committee during their first meeting. 

Voting members in good standing can:

  • participate in and vote at all ARMIN meetings;
  • vote at the ARMIN Annual General Meeting (AGM) dealing with the election of members to the ARMIN executive meeting;
  • participate in the development of policies and procedures related to ARMIN; and
  • access to all ARMIN resources, including all services provided by ARMIN

Non-voting members in good standing can:

  • Send one representative to attend all ARMIN meetings with the exception of the ARMIN AGM; and
  • Access some ARMIN resources as defined by the ARMIN Policies and Procedure Manual

For more information, please email the ARMIN team at rdm@concordia.ab.ca.