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Professional Development

Professional Development Funds

The Professional Development fund is an employee benefit under the Collective Agreement (16.7). Faculty members may use their Professional Development funds to cover some expenses that are related to their research, including but not limited to attending research conferences, or acquiring research materials or equipment.

How to use Professional Development Funds

Professional Development funds may be used, among other, for the following:

  • Archival information, books, journals, magazines, reference materials and related subscriptions;
  • Tuition and course costs when not funded elsewhere, and when directly related to maintaining or upgrading employment related skills;
  • Conference registration, seminar and training program fees;
  • Eligible electronic equipment sourced through CUE IT department;
  • Personal Memberships;
  • Eligible travel to attend professional development activities.

CUE has released a Policy and two Procedures for the use of Professional Development Funds. Consult these documents to learn about the process to make use of these funds.

Professional Development Opportunities – MacEwan University

Concordia University Edmonton and MacEwan University have signed an agreement that provides a framework for faculty from both institutions to engage in shared faculty development opportunities. In practice, this means that Concordia University of Edmonton faculty are welcome to participate in the various workshops offered by

  1. Locate the professional learning opportunity you want to attend in the current programming guide.
  2. Follow the links in the MacEwan University Programming Guide to register. You must register using your Concordia University of Edmonton email address as that will identify you to the session administrator at MacEwan University.
  3. Complete the Concordia Faculty Consent Waiver and Indemnity Form. Concordia University of Edmonton faculty may not attend MacEwan University events unless this form is completed and forwarded to Dr. Valerie Henitiuk.
  4. Attend and enjoy the event!