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Funding for Faculty Research

Research is one of the pillars that constitute academic activity at CUE. While some research may be accomplished without special assistance or support, other requires substantial investment: Research Assistant salaries, purchase of materials or equipment, travel, and more.

CUE Research encourages faculty members and students to seek funding for their academic activities. Funds may come from internal sources, or external sources.

Continuing, full-time faculty members are eligible to participate in our competitions for Internal Research Grants. CUE Research provides funding for projects and for dissemination activities under separate streams, through the Internal Research Grants fund, which is under the purview of the Asst. Vice-President Research, and the Vice-President Academic & Provost. In addition, SSHRC has provided CUE with funding to establish the SIG Explore and Exchange grants stream.

All Internal Research Grants are awarded through competitive processes, adjudicated with the assistance of the Research & Faculty Development Committee (RFDC). For information on this important committee, consult this link.

I was successful and have received research funding. What happens next?