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Research Cluster on Christian Philosophy & Theology

Focus and Mandate of the Group

This research cluster explores Christian philosophy, Christian theology, and the many interdisciplinary connections between them and other fields within the arts and sciences.

More specifically, the cluster aims to foster cutting edge scholarship and public engagement in a number of areas, including:

  • analytic philosophy of religion;
  • natural theology;
  • interdenominational and interfaith dialogue;
  • the practice of Christianity amongst Canada’s Indigenous peoples, and the relationships between Christianity and traditional Indigenous spiritualities; and
  • the relationship between theology and the natural and social sciences.


The cluster’s objectives are:

  • To provide a venue for scholars engaged in work related to Christian theology and philosophy to share work-in-progress with a view to receiving constructive input and informing their colleagues.
  • To provide an improved institutional framework for research on Christian theology and philosophy, with a view to future applications for external funding.
  • To build on and improve existing links with local scholars working in these areas.
  • To produce concrete research outputs of high scholarly calibre (e.g., public lectures & panels, workshops, conferences, and peer-reviewed publications appearing in respected venues).
  • To provide a stable locus for interaction with non-local colleagues working in these areas.

Founding Members

  • Dr. Travis Dumsday, Director, Research Cluster on Christian Philosophy & Theology / Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Dr. Bill Anderson, Professor of Religious Studies
  • Dr. Efa Etoroma, Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Dr. Steven Muir, Professor of Religious Studies
  • Dr. Jonathan Strand, Professor of Philosophy

Guest Participants

  • Jack Zupko, Professor of Philosophy, University of Alberta
  • Randal Rauser, Professor of Theology, Taylor Seminary
  • Jason West, President, Newman Theological College
  • Jim Gimbel, President, Concordia Lutheran Seminary

Friends of the Cluster

  • Andrew Moon, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Yujin Nagasawa, Professor of Philosophy, University of Birmingham
  • William M.R. Simpson, Junior Research Fellow, Cambridge University

Partner Institutions

  • Birmingham Centre for Philosophy of Religion, University of Birmingham