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Reopening CUE for the 2020-21 Academic Year

Student Research Forum

The Research Forum is an annual event organized by CUE Research that provides an opportunity for faculty and student researchers to present their work and exchange research ideas and results with the broader university community, as well as industry professionals, and guests.

Overhauled in 2019, we introduced the Student Poster Competition as a major component of the Research Forum.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact us at research@concordia.ab.ca.

Student Poster Competition

Research dissemination activities, such as the Research Forum, are great opportunities for CUE students to showcase their research, and strengthen their networks. To enhance the potential value of these presentations, CUE Research developed the Student Poster Competition, held concurrently with the Research Forum. Participant students in the Research Forum are automatically entered in the Student Poster Competition.

The first Student Poster Competition was launched in 2019. You can find information on the winners and see pictures of the launch via this link.

Poster adjudication

Each poster is adjudicated by a minimum of two judges selected from a panel, one of which is expected to be from a similar field to the presenter, and the other is not. Presentations are time-controlled and expected to last no more than five minutes, after which an additional five minutes will be used for questions. Posters are adjudicated based on the following dimensions:

  1. Poster and Abstract. Craftsmanship, design, content and language.
  2. Presentation. Presenter skills, knowledge, flow and time management.
  3. Responses to Questions. Knowledge, language use and presenter skills.


CUE Research thanks the Tri-Agency and their support via the Research Support Fund for their contribution to our institutional research. To read more about the Research Support Fund, please visit our website here.