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Digital forensics

Digital forensics

Tools for forensics investigation, volatile memory analysis


Dr. Dale Lindskog

Sample research papers

  1. Tamer Nagy, Dale Lindskog, Pavol Zavarsky, Analytic Comparison between Live Memory Analysis and Memory Image Analysis in Android Environment, 2nd World Congress on Computer Applications and Information Systems (WCCAIS’2015), Hammamet, Tunisia, January 17-19, 2015
  2. Akinola Ajijola, Pavol Zavarsky, Ron Ruhl, A Review and Comparative Evaluation of Forensics Guidelines of NIST SP 800-101 Rev.1:2014 & ISO/IEC 27037:2012, IEEE World Congress on Internet Security (WorldCIS 2014), London, U.K., Dec. 8-10, 2014
  3. Sami Al-Shaheri, Dale Lindskog, Pavol Zavarsky, Ron Ruhl, A Forensic Study of the Effectiveness of Selected Antivirus Products against SSDT Hooking Rootkits, ADFSL Conference on Digital Forensics, Security and Law, Richmond, VA, USA, June 2013
  4. Kwaku Kyei, Pavol Zavarsky, Dale Lindskog, Ron Ruhl, A Review and Comparative Study of Digital Forensic Investigation Models, Proc. The 4th International Conference on Digital Forensics & Cyber Crime (ICDF2C 2012), Lafayette, IN, USA, Oct. 2012
  5. Ahmed Alasiri, Muteb Alzaidi , Dale Lindskog, Pavol Zavarsky, Ron Ruhl, Shafi Alassmi, Comparative Analysis of Operational Malware Dynamic Link Library (DLL) Injection Live Response vs. Memory Image, International Conference on Computing, Communication and Informatics Management (ICCCSIM 2012), Dubai, UAE, July 29-30, 2012
  6. Amer Aljaedi, Dale Lindskog, Pavol Zavarsky, Ron Ruhl, Fares Almari, Comparative Analysis of Volatile Memory Forensics: Live Response vs. Memory Imaging, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Information Privacy, Security, Risk and Trust (IEEE PASSAT 2011), Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, Boston, MA, USA, October 9-11, 2011