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“Every experience influences in some degree the objective conditions under which further experiences are had.”

– John Dewey, 1938

“Wellness… purposeful, enjoyable living or, more specifically, a deliberate lifestyle choice characterized by personal responsibility and optimal enhancement of physical, mental, and spiritual health.”

– Hales & Lauzon, 2015

Focus and Mandate

This research cluster brings together scholars who are exploring issues related to wellness.

We understand that wellness has several dimensions. Wellness not only relates to physical activity, physical literacy, healthy eating, and dealing positively with stressors, but also to mental health, comprehensive health programming, financial responsibilities, and social decisions.

Thus, the term “wellness” covers a wide range of topics worthy of research. Wellness has personal, familial, and social aspects and plays an integral role in how we live our lives.

As a scholarly group, we aim to:

  • communicate regularly to share and discuss wellness-related research;
  • learn from each other and collaborate on projects; and
  • focus on a diverse range of research approaches and topics.

Objectives and Intended Outputs

The research cluster seeks to provide:

  • a forum where scholars can share their research and works-in-progress, and learn of and from the work of others;
  • resources and learning opportunities for scholars to develop new aspects of their research; and
  • possibilities for collaborative and interdisciplinary work within CUE and with other institutions/organizations.

Members of the Research Cluster

Members – Faculty/Staff (Concordia University of Edmonton)

  • Brent Bradford: Dean, Faculty of Education (Lead) 
  • Barbara van Ingen: Vice President, Academic and Provost (Lead)
  • Tim Loreman: President & Vice-Chancellor
  • Manfred Zeuch: Vice President, External and International Relations
  • Carmen Arth: Vice President, Student Life and Learning
  • Holli-Anne Passmore: Assistant Professor, Psychology
  • Adam Howorko: Instructor, Psychology
  • Erin Wright: Instructor, Education
  • Jason Daniels: Instructor, Management

Friends (Individuals)

  • Stephen Berg: University of British Columbia-Okanagan
  • Nathan Hall: Brock University
  • Lacey Kelly: Edmonton Catholic Schools
  • Jennifer Kruse: Black Gold School Division 
  • Brenda Mykytiuk: Aspen View Public Schools
  • Alison Yacyshyn: Concordia University of Edmonton
  • Margie Schoepp: Concordia University of Edmonton
  • Pilar Aguilar: Concordia University of Edmonton
  • Caroline Belanger: Concordia University of Edmonton
  • Kelly Cronin: Concordia University of Edmonton
  • Janet Klippenstein: Concordia University of Edmonton

Friends (Partner Institutions)

  • University of British Columbia-Okanagan (Canada)
  • Brock University (Canada)

Friends (Professional Organizations)

  • Alberta Health Services
  • Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)
  • Health & Physical Education Council (HPEC) of Alberta
  • Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada
  • Human Nutrition Research Unit (University of Alberta)
  • Physical & Health Education (PHE) Canada