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Public Health Simulation Lab


A key institute

The Environmental Health Simulation Lab (S-Lab) is a key institute in the Allan Wachowich Centre for Science, Research, and Innovation that enables students and faculty to bring their research to the community by providing real-life conditions in a simulated environment.

Augmented Reality (AR) revolutionizes training

The S-Lab simulates facilities for the training of students enrolled in the Environmental Health After Degree program. It will further enhance students’ learning through visualisation and hands-on experience by utilizing Augmented Reality (AR). AR will revolutionize the training for the human sector by allowing students to experience real world situations in a
controlled environment. AR prepares professionals for areas previously considered dangerous and risky, and helps to improve responses and judgment to address them effectively and efficiently.

Paving the way for future practitioners

The S-Lab will pave the way in training the next generation of front-line practitioners to sharpen their skills and competencies to improve the productivity of the workforce and protect the health of Albertans across multiple sectors such as oil & gas, construction, and public health.


  1. Serves as an innovative training facility both for students and Environmental Health Officers across health authorities in the Prairie Provinces: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
  2. Enhances hands-on learning of students, and professional development of front-line public health practitioners.
  3. Showcases Canadian public health practices to the general public and international scholars/practitioners.
  4. Bridges the latest science research with applied skills development and knowledge translation in areas such as health risk assessment and management.
  5. Brings stakeholders together such as academic researchers, policy-makers, environmental health practitioners, and industry.

The S-Lab will bridge what was humanly impossible with the possible, and take training in traditional sectors such as environmental health to the next frontier where arts and science meet.