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Guidelines for Research Promotion

Guidelines for the Promotion of CUE Faculty and Academic Colleagues Research Publications and Scholarly Works on Inside CUE Homepage


The purpose of these guidelines is to provide a standard convention for:

  • Promoting and disseminating the publications and scholarly works of CUE faculty and academic colleagues on the Inside CUE homepage http://concordia.ab.ca/inside-cue/ ; and
  • Ensuring that the outputs of CUE research are widely accessible.


Research Publications:


  • Books authored or co-authored: Refereed books, book-length scholarly publications, research monographs, textbooks based on significant research by the author.
  • Books Edited: The editing or co-editing of a book or volume in which individual chapters or contributions have been written by different authors.
  • Books of Scholarly Translations authored or co-authored.

Book Chapters and Other Contributions to Edited Collective Works

  • Portions of refereed books: Entries in edited books, textbooks incorporating significant research content, and scholarly editions, prefaces.
  • Chapter-length translations.
  • Scholarly editions or major reference works or anthologies.

Journal Articles and Other Contributions to Scholarly Journals

  • Refereed journal articles.
  • Co-authored refereed journal articles.
  • Letters to the (journal) editor, review articles, rapid communications, editorial comments, discussion papers.

Professional Conference Presentations

  • Full conference paper that appears in published conference proceedings.

Creative Activities and Performances

  • Artistic research practices that produce critically informed work in a variety of art forms and media, knowledge mobilization through artistic expression, scholarly investigation, and experimentation when the artistic work is situated within the research activity.

Other Contributions

  • Other scholarly contributions such as encyclopaedia, dictionary and reference works entries, book reviews, commentaries.

Non-Research Publications:

Non-peer reviewed publications including reviews, opinion pieces, and other forms of publications which fall outside the definition of research publications may also be considered for promotion. The final decision for deciding which non-research publications will be promoted on the Inside CUE homepage will reside with CUE’s Office of the Provost.


The following procedure is used to assess research outputs and publications:

  • Every term, the Scholarly Communications Librarian (SCL) makes a call to each Faculty Dean for a list of publications to be included in the release.
  • CUE faculty and academic colleagues who want to have their research outputs and scholarly publications promoted on the “Inside CUE” homepage should notify their corresponding Dean when the publication appears, providing the relevant publication information.
  • The Dean reviews the list of publications provided by their members, and forwards the list of eligible publications to the SCL.
  • The SCL will determine if output publication meets the criteria below.
  • If the publication meets the criteria, the SCL will notify the CUE Marketing and Communications Office which is responsible for posting the promotional material, including any photographs or images that will enhance the reputation of the author and of CUE. All posts developed by CUE Marketing and Communications will be in keeping with any style guides and standards for CUE communications.
  • If the publication does not meet the criteria, the SCL will advise the Dean and the Provost. The final decision for deciding which non-research publications will be promoted on the Inside CUE homepage will reside with CUE’s Office of the Provost.


Each submission to the Scholarly Communications Librarian will be considered for promotion on the Inside CUE webpage according to one or more of the following criteria:

  • Is the publication from an academic press or a publisher that is known to be reputable? Please note that publications in journals or books produced by known predatory publishers will not be approved for promotion.
  • Does the publisher provide a rigorous peer-review process as determined by a review of its editorial board and other publicly available descriptions of its review practices?
  • Is the publication the result of grant-funded research?
  • Even if the publication does not meet the criteria listed above, will the promotion of the submitted publication nonetheless enhance the reputation of CUE?


Individual posts on the Inside CUE blog promoting faculty publications must be approved for posting.

Research Publications that fall into the category of Books Authored or Co-Authored will be promoted immediately after the Scholarly Communications Librarian receives and approves the request.

All other research and scholarly publications approved for the Inside CUE homepage will be promoted at the end of the fall and winter academic terms in a summary post listing.