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Strategic Research Plan

Concordia University of Edmonton developed a four year Strategic Research Plan in 2014. The following is a summary of this plan. A full version is available for download:

Strategic Research Plan 2014-2018: Full Version

Strategic Research Plan 2014-2018: Executive Summary

Strategic Research Plan 2014-2018: Five-Page Summary

Concordia University of Edmonton has traditionally focused on a healthy balance among teaching, research, and scholarship. To support this focus, the institution will continue to encourage faculty to link their research with their teaching. Concordia University of Edmonton’s research objectives are as follows:

  • Promote an institution-wide culture of scholarship and research
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Enhance the profile of research and scholarship at Concordia internally and publically.
  • Focus on areas of research strength while respecting individual research agendas.

A process of consultation with faculty has led to the identification of the following research themes, based on Concordia University of Edmonton’s existing strengths and potential areas of excellence. Concordia University of Edmonton will actively support and focus on research work in these areas, amongst others, with a particular focus on collaborative research.

  • a) The scholarship of learning and teaching
  • b) Ethics and social responsibility
  • c) Scholarship and the Christian faith
  • d) Natural and physical sciences

Support for Research and Scholarship

Concordia University of Edmonton supports faculty research and scholarship in the following ways:

  • Recognition that engaging in research and scholarship is something that all faculty members must do in order to fulfill their job requirements.
  • Administrative and infrastructure assistance and coordination from the Office of Research and Faculty Development.
  • Internal support for research through project funding. Awards are assigned on a competitive basis.
  • Financial support for conference and research travel.
  • The maintenance of a Visiting Research Professor program.
  • Time-release support through the policy for Reduction in Teaching Assignment for Research Purposes.
  • Time-release support through the policy for Sabbatical Leave.
  • Support for international research collaborations through Concordia’s International Office.

Assessment of Success

The implementation of this Strategic Research Plan is the responsibility of the entire Concordia University of Edmonton community. Specifically, it will be the responsibility of the Academic Research Council to evaluate the implementation and progress of the Strategic Research Plan.

Some ways faculty and students can contribute to the realization of the Strategic Research Plan

  • Become familiar with the full plan
  • Embark on collaborative research projects with colleagues and students.
  • Apply for external and internal Concordia research grants and reductions in teaching.
  • Disseminate your research and scholarly activity results at conferences and in publications.
  • Invite a notable scholar to Concordia as a visiting professor.
  • Adapt your research skills in order to engage in projects that can be reasonably completed within the Concordia context.