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Strategic Research Plan

CUE Strategic Research Plan 2019-2024

Concordia University of Edmonton has developed a new five-year Strategic Research Plan (2019-2024). The Strategic Research Plan provides strategic research direction for the institution as a whole. It aligns closely with our Academic Plan (passed by the General Faculties Council in Fall 2018) as well as our external and institutional aims more broadly, and contributes to embodying the compelling CUE story.

The new plan builds on and replaces the 2014-2018 Strategic Research Plan, which was structured around the following four objectives:

  • promote an institution-wide culture of scholarship and research;
  • facilitate collaboration;
  • enhance the profile of research and scholarship at Concordia internally and publicly; and
  • focus on areas of research strength while respecting individual research agendas.

CUE made significant progress during that period, and our research culture has now outgrown these objectives.

The Strategic Research Plan five-year plan (2019-2024) was developed through broad consultation across CUE, with the assistance of the Office of Research Services, and included the participation of the following stakeholders at CUE:

  • General Faculties Council (GFC)
  • Research and Faculty Development Committee
  • Deans’ Working Group
  • Directors of Research Clusters and Centres
  • Graduate Studies Faculty Council
  • Indigenous Knowledge Research Centre (IKRC)
  • BMO Centre for Innovation and Applied Research (BMO-CIAR)
  • Concordia Students’ Association (CSA)
  • Graduate Students’ Association (GSA)

Strategic Priorities

In the 2019-2024 Strategic Research Plan, we have identified five Strategic Priorities for research at CUE, each linked to a series of goals for success. Our Strategic Priorities are:

  1. Strengthening resources and supports for research and research services.
  2. Increasing research partnerships, collaborations, and networks.
  3. Communicating research success to enhance impact.
  4. Improving competitiveness through development and support of research areas of strength, and those identified as priorities.
  5. Enhancing library research support services.

Strategic Priority 1: Strengthening resources and supports for research and research services


  • Provide quality research support services.
  • Increase internal and external research funding.
  • Attract and retain high-caliber researchers.
  • Promote a culture of collaborative research.
  • Enhance student research opportunities.

Strategic Priority 2: Increasing research partnerships, collaborations, and networks


  • Train the new generation of researchers through research partnerships.
  • Make a difference through CUE research partnerships.
  • Increase the benefits of international collaborations.

Strategic Priority 3: Communicating research success to enhance impact


  • Increase the profile of CUE researchers.
  • Increase research dissemination and other Knowledge Mobilization (KMb) activities.

Strategic Priority 4: Improving competitiveness through development and support of research areas of strength, and those identified as priorities


  • Establish research areas of strength.
  • Improve competitiveness through recruitment and training.
  • Promote Indigenous leadership in research.
  • Support Indigenous research.
  • Cultivate and expand research partnerships with Indigenous communities

Strategic Priority 5: Enhancing library research support services


  • Expand library staffing capacity in order to provide research support services at key points in the research cycle, and to promote these so they are widely known and valued by CUE researchers.
  • Increase access to and awareness of local and external research collections, tools, and infrastructure.

Assessment of Success

The goals within each Strategic Priority include performance measures and success indicators tailored specifically to evaluate our progress, provide insight to gain momentum and refocus where needed. The entire academic community at CUE contributes to the success of our Strategic Research Plan, from faculty members to students and staff. As CUE continues to move forward and build a strong reputation as a university, research takes a preponderant role in our growth.

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