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Bachelor of Management Program

Your BMgmt Undergraduate Degree

You can tailor your 4-year Bachelor of Management degree to your interests, by selecting the emphases of your choice.

Initially, you will establish a solid foundation of technical competence and skills with courses such as accounting, finance, information technology, management ethics, and international business, all the while developing effective management skills.

You can link your career aspirations to specific career paths when you choose your emphasis, either as you enter the program or during your first years of university:

More details can be found in the academic calendar and program planner.

What Makes Us Unique?

Smaller is Smarter

At Concordia University of Edmonton, you will experience small class sizes, learn from professors who really know you, and benefit from a tight-knit campus community.

Paid Internships

Industry experts provide instruction, we have an independent employer advisory committee to ensure quality, and we provide the opportunity of a highly relevant 13-week paid internship [link] placement, where you put your learned skills and experience to the test and create valuable connections.

Career Opportunities

Your skills in any industry

Virtually all industries need strong independent thinkers with managerial decision-making abilities. For many of our graduates the traditional pathway is very enticing, banking and financial sector positions, to HR and consultancy roles, you will have a taste of every industry and you will be able to better position yourself and your career once you find an area you are truly passionate about.

You as an entrepreneur

If traditional corporate business isn’t what you’re looking for, we give you the tools and help develop your entrepreneurial mindset to give you the passion and ability to start your own business venture, or embark on a more creative journey, be that in non-profit, data management or a leadership role.

You as a graduate student

The great thing about a business degree is that it opens the doors to many different industries, while giving you a strong foundation at the undergraduate level, should you wish to pursue a graduate degree. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to business and with a business degree you can take the path less travelled and find your niche on your career journey. Knowing strong business and management skills are an asset to almost any position in a profitable company, and great leaders and strategic thinkers are in great demand across all sectors.

A career that’s yours

Go big, go small, go global, or go local, the steps to finding a career you truly love begins at CUE.

What are the fees and scholarship opportunities for this program?