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Faculty of Management’s Internship

What is a measure of time? Students who complete work-integrated learning and are more successful because of it.

The Bachelor of Management program within Concordia University of Edmonton’s (CUE) Faculty of Management has a unique and mandatory component of an Internship. It has and continues to link the academic program with solid, real-world experience, providing students with valuable practical involvement in the business world, and the opportunity to build networks. Our connections have grown over the years!

We often get asked the question in the Business School about what the main differences are between our institution and other larger institutions. There are a lot of differences – we could mention class sizes, teaching styles, our instructors knowing every student in their classes – but our internship opportunity is perhaps the most unique difference.

It is a requirement that all of our students complete a 13-week paid internship program prior to graduating; this takes place usually between the 3rd and 4th year of study. When our students look back, they comment on how influential this experience was on their life post-graduation. Why? Because this may be the first time many actually get to apply the knowledge they learned in class in a real company setting and get paid for it. That is putting classroom learning to good use.

We make sure to give students in the Faculty of Management the information to succeed, and it is evident in our testimonials, not just from our students, but from the employers who hire our students.