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Information Systems Graduate Programs

Information Systems Security is an important and rapidly growing sector. Be a part of it!

You hear about cybersecurity and data hacking all the time. Business, government, and industry are in dire need of information systems security and assurance professionals all over the world. You can enroll in one of our graduate programs in these fields, and help fill that need.

Your potential career could start as an information security analyst with quick progression to management, in areas such as internal audit, external audit, information systems assurance consulting, as well as risk management and governance. The opportunities abound!

Our programs include:


Starting in the 2021/2022 academic year, the MISAM and MISSM programs will change from 60 credits to a more flexible 33 credit program. This will enable you to choose between either a research or a capstone track. We recommend that you complete the 33 credits in 4 semesters to maximize your success in the program.

What do our students think?

Our students and graduates speak highly of their experience within these programs:

About the Masters Programs

The focus of the graduate programs in MISSM and MISAM is two-fold:

  1. Part one lays the graduate-level foundation for the respective programs of information security or information assurance, and
  2. Part two focuses on the generation of a proposal, contributing to the field of information security and assurance, followed by the related research project.

In your future career as a security and assurance professional, you will value the skills developed through these programs as you build your research skills, enhance your communication and writing skills through proposal submissions, and advance your presentation and implementation skills.