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MISAM Courses

The Master of Information Systems Assurance Management (MISAM) is 33 Credits (8 x 3-credit courses, plus 1 x 3-credit and 1 x 6-credit in either the research or capstone track) and is considered a two-year program.

Courses for the MISAM degree (33 credits)

  • ISAM512: Financial Accounting and Analysis for Information Systems Auditors (3 Cr.)
  • ISAM521: Information Systems Audit I (3 Cr.)
  • ISAM522: Information Systems Audit II (3 Cr.)
  • ISAM542: Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination (3 Cr.)
  • ISAM 549: Audit Theory & Application (3Cr.)
  • ISSM551: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (3 Cr.)
  • ISSM553: Governance, Risk and Compliance (3 Cr.)
  • ISSM538: Research Methods & Communications (3Cr.)


For the Research track

  • ISSM590: Research Methods II (3Cr.)
  • ISSM591: Research Methods III (6 Cr.)


For the Capstone track

  • ISSM 575: Capstone I (3Cr.) 
  • ISSM 576: Capstone II (6Cr.)

For course descriptions, please see the Academic Calendar.