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Contact the Department of Management at:
Email: management@concordia.ab.ca
Ph: 780.479.9299
Fx: 780.469.8419
Tf: 1.866.479.5200

Alison Yacyshyn, PhD
Dean of Management
Phone: 780.413.7811
Email: alison.yacyshyn@concordia.ab.ca

Ashish Thomas, PhD
Assistant Professor
Office: HA 336
Phone: 780.413.7829
Email: ashish.thomas@concordia.ab.ca

Mark Loo, PhD
Associate Professor of Management
Office: HA 332
Phone: 780.491.6878
E-mail: mark.loo@concordia.ab.ca

Shaun Aghili, PhD
Associate Professor of Management and MISAM
Office: HA 331
Phone: 780.378.8465
Email: shaun.aghili@concordia.ab.ca

Sherry Palichuk
Program Coordinator
Office: HA 216
Phone: 780.479.9345
Email: sherry.palichuk@concordia.ab.ca

Dale Lindskog
Associate professor, Philosophy and Information Security
Phone: 780-491-6899
Office: HA 218
Email: dale.lindskog@concordia.ab.ca