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The internship is a unique and mandatory component of our Bachelor of Management program. It links the academic program with solid, real-world experience, providing you with valuable practical involvement in the business world, and the opportunity to build your networks.

Internship Highlights

  • Placements are arranged with the Mihalcheon School of Management
  • Internship placements are scheduled during intersession (May-August) between the 3rd and 4th year of your Bachelor of Management degree
  • It is for a minimum period of 13 weeks
  • It can be a paid or volunteer internship
  • You will receive 3 credits towards your degree


You are evaluated on several requirements, including the completion of an academic paper, employer evaluation, and a presentation.

Internship Timeline

Internship placements occur between the 3rd and 4th year of your Bachelor of Management degree.


  • Classes commence

February & March

  • Classes continue
  • Internship search begins 
  • Applications and interviews begin


  • Classes conclude at the end of term

May to July

  • Internships are in progress


  • Internships conclude
  • Internship requirements are due

Hear From Our Students

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For internship enquiries, placements, and opportunities, contact management@concordia.ab.ca.