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Shawn Thompson

Shawn Thompson, MISSM, CISSP, CSIS

Shawn is an instructor with the Mihalcheon School of Management in the MISSM/MISSAM program.

A small businessman, Shawn entered the IT/Infosec field in 1995 after earning a diploma in computer maintenance technology. Operating as an independent consultant, he provided IT services to small and medium sized organizations in various industries including construction, education, finance, mental health, and social services in the Edmonton area for 25 years.

In recent years, Shawn has realized his passion for teaching, shifting his focus from consulting to teaching full-time. Shawn’s goal has always been to provide high quality service to his clientele while educating them on the benefits and risks that are a part of the ever-changing IT landscape.

As a lifelong learner, Shawn earned a BA in political science and history to broaden his worldview and enhance his critical thinking skills before earning his Master of Information Systems Security Management to improve his understanding and knowledge in the field of Information Security. Additionally, Shawn holds numerous certifications and continues to consume knowledge to ensure his personal and professional growth. His 40 years of experience in business and education has shown Shawn that it is not enough to just consume knowledge; you have to understand how to apply your knowledge and effectively share your knowledge with others to help create a better, safer, and more secure world.