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What do parents have to say about Stringspiration?

This is what our campers have to say about their experience at Stringspiration!

“I really enjoyed digital media, the masterclass, the chamber ensembles (my favourite of all), and most of the activities we did outside during break, and the picnic in the River Valley because I had fun, enjoyed, and loved the things that we did in Stringspiration. (P.S.: the staff, they are amazing!)”

“The chamber lessons that we had was my highlight of the week.”

“Some of my favourite activities were digital media, games, drama, and music theory. I liked digital media because we got to change the way recordings of our instruments sounded. Games were fun because we got to go outside, drama we learned about different pieces of music and got to fun activities. In music theory I learned a lot.”

“We learned about different things in theory. They were really useful in many ways.”

“Everyone was great.”

“Please make camp longer. It was so fun and went by fast.”

“Awesome! :)”

“My favourite class was the audio editing, because you can take sound and turn it into something totally different.”

“My favourite session was “theory zone”. I liked this session because I love studying theory on my own time. I love adding different aspects of playing into music I can play.”

“They were great! Some teachers taught us important things and others were peppy and played fun games.”

“I loved this camp! If it runs again next year, I will be coming!”

“Please do it again next year!”

“I liked the chamber ensembles because we made beautiful music together.”

“One of my favourite activities was when we played outside…

I also liked music theory…
I also liked drama…
I loved the River Valley walk.”

“To be at least two weeks longer :)”

“I learned that you can write music with drawings and it doesn’t always as to sound good.”

“The counsellors and teachers were very nice! :)”

Tell us about your favourite activities. What made them so special?

I really liked Chamber Ensemble because it gave me a chance to play my violin with other campers and improve my ensemble playing. It was special because we got to play our own little pieces in our group and it sounded very good. Frank was a really good teacher.

I also liked Musical Theory because we learned a lot about notion, dynamic, sections, speed, arrangement, time signatures, clefs, staff, symbols, value, etc. and lots of new words. It was special because we went in depth into what we were learning rather than the basic stuff that we learn at YONA. I learned a lot from Danielle and she taught very well.

I liked Digital Media because I learned many new things about technology and what you can do with it. It was special because we got to play our instruments and make different, crazy, new sounds and we experimented A LOT. It was cool to see how something could go from one simple melody to a whole piece. Dave was really funny and helpful. He told us that the mistakes we did made it better.

If you had to choose just one thing: what was the highlight of the week?

It was such a great experience getting to learn so much at this amazing camp, getting a chance to play my instrument, meeting so many great new friends and teachers/counselors, and having so much fun! I am very thankful I got a scholarship to go to Stringspiration and I hope to go again next year.

Tell us a bit about the things you have learned here. How useful were they for you?

There was A LOT of specific things I learned. In Musical Theory I learned many new things about note value, staff and notes, time signatures, symbols, sections, scales and arpeggios, dynamics, and much more.

In Digital Media I learned how to download sound files from Dropbox and put it in that thing where you can crop the sound, add more sounds, reverse it, and add effects. We also learned how to record things and different ways to experiment and change pitch.

In Stringendo I learned many new fun games and how to work together as a team. It was fun!

In Chamber Ensemble I learned how to improve my playing in an ensemble or quartet and how I can work on the smaller details to perfect the piece.

In Interpretation & Representation I learned about the different time periods in music and there etiquettes of music, clothes, and dance. I also learned about the different ways music can be performed, presented, and expressed.

And during Practice Time I got a chance in the day to practice my solo piece and my group piece with my stand partner.

Everything was very helpful.

How did you like our counsellors and teachers?

All of the teachers and the counsellors were very kind and nice and a pleasure to be around. They were funny and helpful and I learned a lot from them. They seemed very experienced and taught very well. I had a lot of fun laughing and getting to know them; as well as telling about me.

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Stringspiration was a fantastic way to spend 3 days (well, 3 days for me!). I had a blast learning and making new friends. I hope it continues for many years and that I have another opportunity to attend it in the future because I loved it! I hope to see more cool activities and sessions. I was very, very sad when I had to miss 2 days but glad I got to go in the first place. My friends and I from school and YONA loved hanging out with each other during the day. I really enjoyed Stringspiration and I hope to see Danielle and many more familiar faces next year!

P.S Thank you for the cool bag and T-shirt and all the other gifts! –Sofia Sejutee