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Leave of Absence

There are a few cases where you may be able to take an authorized leave of up to 150 days from your study program and IRCC will still consider you to be actively pursuing your studies. For a leave to be considered as authorized, it must be approved by CUE. 

Students who take a break during a scheduled semester without first applying for a Leave of Absence would be non-compliant with their study permit and will lose their eligibility for the post-graduation work permit (PGWP). 

A Leave of Absence can only be granted to students who have an acceptable reason for needing to take a break from studies during the semester (medical, family emergency, etc.).

If you take a Leave of Absence, you may need to later provide IRCC with proof that your leave was authorized by CUE and was longer than 150 days so ensure to keep a record of all your communication with CUE regarding your Leave of Absence. You should request a letter from the Registrar’s Office confirming the details of your Leave of Absence. 

Note: international students who have an approved leave of absence cannot work on- or off-campus, as they no longer meet work eligibility requirements.

Leave of Absence Policy at CUE

International students who wish to take a break from their studies during a scheduled semester must apply for Leave of Absence which must be approved by CUE. To view CUE’s Leave of Absence policy, please see section 4.5 of the Academic Calendar.

A Leave of Absence is normally available only to students who have successfully completed 9 credits at Concordia University of Edmonton. Students are only eligible for a second or subsequent Leave of Absence after they have successfully completed a minimum of 15 credits since their last Leave of Absence.

Please note, international students who are granted a Leave of Absence should NOT apply to extend their leave of absence for an additional semester as IRCC only permits students to take up to 150 days away from their program of study. 

Applying for a Leave of Absence 

Students apply for a Leave of Absence by completing the application form provided by the Registrar’s Office in Online Services for Students and submitting the completed form together with any supporting documentation to the Registrar’s Office. Students with questions about how to apply for a Leave of Absence should contact the Registrar’s Office

Students are recommended to contact the International Office before applying for a Leave of Absence.