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Instructor Led Study Abroad

Looking for an educational experience that reaches beyond our borders? We are proud to design and offer instructor led study abroad (ILSA) courses at CUE. These international experiences allow students to study abroad as part of their enrollment in a particular course. Students travel together, with their instructor, to a destination abroad and learn the course material from that location. As part of the experience, students and instructors often participate in field work and other kinds of experiential learning.

A course may have a short-term ILSA component or students may be abroad for the entirety of their course (travel tends to take place during scheduled breaks so participation in other courses is not impacted).

For Instructors

How to apply

  • Read the ISLA course approval policy and procedures
  • Complete the ISLA course proposal form
  • Create a sample budget
  • Submit application according to the deadline outlined in the procedures

Before you go

  • Work with the International Office to host a pre-departure orientation for students
  • Review the responsibilities form for ISLA course instructors
  • Make note of emergency contact numbers in the destination country

While you’re abroad

  • Keep in close contact with the International Office and Campus Security
  • Report any and all incident or concerns
  • Monitor your budget closely

Upon your return

  • Work with the International Office to host a return orientation for students
  • Reconcile all receipts
  • Begin planning your next ISLA course