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Summer Exchange to Univates University, Brazil

Drew Carson – Univates University Trip

The best thing about my trip to Brazil was the hands on experience. We actually went out and experienced different fields of work. From drawing our own blood for testing to going out in nature and learning about rock formations. The part about the hands on experience that stands out to me is how the students and professors would volunteer their own time to go into the community.

As part of this, we had the opportunity to visit individuals in locations such as San Antonio that have had medical issues that impede their quality of life. Univates’ students get the opportunity to apply the skills they’ve learned from school and actively help someone in need. It really helps you understand how beneficial volunteering is especially when you see individuals making improvements.

Anthony Sousa – Univates University trip

I visited Univates University in Lajeado, Brazil in July for a two-week exchange program through Concordia University.

During my two week visit to Brazil some of the things we did included visiting neighborhoods in the community to help people with various medical conditions. We visited a hospital and health clinic to get insight into how the Brazilian health care system works, and we gained hands on experience in different clinical labs.

The trip was a valuable experience and I would like to go back to do more studies especially in the labs.  I highly recommend it to others, if given the opportunity to study abroad in Brazil. Brazilian people are some of the most hospitable people I have ever met.

Kim Hong – Univates University Trip 

My sister and I embarked on our first parent-free trip by spending 2 weeks in Lajeado, Brazil. My intention for taking the program was to get a taste of different health care/science careers. Not only did I learn that there are many options but also how each of them functions. Univates has many opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience. Univates is also heavily community based, which is beneficial for students interested in gaining field experience. Many of the students could easily volunteer in their field of interest and would end up being employed full-time by the end of their degree.

Not only does Univates have many good programs, but their campus is beautiful. The people in Lajeado were humble and genuine. We made many friends, pictures were taken daily, and we even got asked for autographs! We felt like celebrities! Brazilians also eat a lot and I do not blame them because, the food is incredible. They have a variety of food selections that we do not have here in Canada, which I miss dearly.

At first, I was hesitant about the trip but I loved every single day I was in Brazil. I plan to visit again soon.

Christina Hong – Univates University Trip 

Overall the trip was absolutely amazing, we learned so much about different things like the soil and mountain ridges in the rainforest to how Brazil manages cardiology testing in a clinic. We got to play in Olympic facilities and use high end laboratory equipment, there was so much to learn. Not only did we learn about things that shaped Univates, the University, we learned about the culture, the healthcare system, and the government/ politics of Brazil as a country. Lajeado was a small city that focused on giving back to the community, bringing both sides of the economic spectrum together for one common goal of a better future. This really impacted me. The program had a great balance between educational activities and recreational opportunities, a well-rounded experience that pushed our limits but brought all of us together. The people we’ve met would be the biggest thing that I have already started to miss they were so welcoming and generous, they truly started to feel like family. I recommend the trip to everyone as it will not only benefit you in your post-secondary education as well as your outlook on the world, if anything, go for the food.