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Get yourself to your accommodation

Once you have passed through immigration and are at the Edmonton International Airport, you now have to decide how to get to your accommodation.

The Edmonton International Airport is approximately a 40-minute drive south of the city centre (known as downtown), and the city centre is just 5 kilometres away from Concordia University of Edmonton’s campus.

To travel from the airport to your new home, you can:

  1. Hire a taxi to take you directly there. Concordia University of Edmonton has an agreement with a taxi company that offers special rates for Concordia University of Edmonton students travelling from/to the Edmonton International Airport. Click here for more information.  Taxis from the airport to CUE are usually around $60-65 but can vary. Please note that it is customary to tip the driver about 15% of your fare.
  2. Take an airport shuttle downtown or to a drop off location ($18) and then hire a taxi or take public transit the rest of the way. http://www.edmontonskyshuttle.com/
  3. Use the Edmonton Transit System (ETS). The ETS offers direct service to the Edmonton International Airport. The bus #747 connects the Edmonton International Airport to the Century Park LRT Station for $5. Please consult the ETS Trip Planner to plan your trip by transit.
  4. If you are a new student joining CUE in September (and have pre-registered for the free shuttle), please make your way to the Skyshuttle/Edmonton Airport Welcome booth. Volunteers will help you from that point on. Please note that if you have not registered for this service at least one week before your arrival, you will have to pay the full fare of $18 for your ride.  PLEASE NOTE: The free shuttle service is not available to returning students or anyone accompanying a new or returning student. If you would like to use the shuttle service, you can simply purchase a ticket ($18) at the Skyshuttle booth.