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Get a SIN number

A SIN Number refers to a Social Insurance Number that you will use for all financial transactions. It is a legal requirement for working in Canada, and is issued by the Canadian Government. This number is used for activities like:

  • Claiming a GST refund from the government
  • Filing a tax return

Apply for a SIN in person at any Service Canada Centre. The closest one to CUE is at 9700 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J 4G9 and is easily accessible by the #2 ETS bus from across campus. Visit the Service Canada website to find your nearest Service Canada Centre and requirements for your SIN: www.servicecanada.gc.ca.

In order to apply, you must present your:

  • Original passport
  • Original study permit/work permit

Service Canada does not issue SIN cards anymore but will be able to generate your SIN number and hand it to you on a piece of paper. Please make sure to note down your number and keep the paper in a safe place.

Do not give your SIN or show your SIN card to anyone unless it is necessary. Be sure to read this important information on the Service Canada website about your Social Insurance Number and how to protect and safeguard it. It includes information on who you should and who you should not provide your Social Insurance Number to. The places where you will usually give your SIN number are your bank, your employer and the university (if you are working on campus or receive a scholarship).

Your SIN will expire on the same date as your primary immigration documents (study permit or work permit). Be sure to renew your SIN, if necessary, once you receive a renewed immigration document.