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Get a phone

There are multiple phone providers you can choose from, and most of them will have a Student Plan. There will be a phone provider at the CUE Orientation, for your convenience. However, the final decision on which provider to go with is yours!

Please make sure to look up phone plans, costs and terms before you get your connection. Some points to note:

  • If you have your own cell phone, you can get a phone and/or data plan in Canada. However, if you do not have your own cell phone, companies in Canada will offer you a phone if you sign a two-year contract with them. You will pay the price of the phone in instalments through your monthly bills over the two years. Please note that there is a penalty for breaking the contract.
  • Phone plans can be pre-paid or post-paid as per your choosing. If you choose a pre-paid plan, you will have to provide your own cell phone
  • When choosing a monthly phone plan, please check all the features. For example, some plans have free Canada-wide calling and some charge for incoming calls. In some plans, incoming texts are also charged. Please research your phone plan beforehand.

Some of the major cellphone network providers are:

If you have family or friends in Canada, it might be cheaper to get added as a connection to their plan. All the websites of the cell phone providers will have information on this feature.

Some plans will give you introductory offers like a reduced rate or usage of a subscribed service (e.g. Spotify) for free. It is your responsibility to unsubscribe from the service once the introductory period ends, or pay for the service if you choose to continue.