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Attend the New Student Orientation

Not sure where your classrooms are?

Can’t find the cafeteria?

No worries! We’ll make sure you have all the information you need.

All the new students arriving to Concordia University of Edmonton are invited to attend the New Student Orientation at the beginning of each semester.

Orientation Day is an opportunity for newcomers to be introduced to campus, faculty and staff members. It is also a great opportunity to make connections with other new students and have some fun! We want all Concordia University of Edmonton newbies to ‘be in-the-know’ and kick-start their first semester the right way.

The International Office also does an International Students Orientation. You will receive an invitation to Orientation Day a few weeks before the start of classes. Please make sure you register for Orientation.

To find out more about Orientation, check Concordia University of Edmonton’s website at http://Concordia University of Edmonton.ab.ca/new-student-orientation/