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Concordia University of Edmonton is home to internationally-minded students. Have a look at what some of them say about their experience!

ELAP Scholarship Program Testimonials

IESP Intensive English Summer Program Testimonials

Andy, France

Institut Superieur de Geston (ISG), France: Exchange Program

Exchange Student, France, Testimonial“It was the first time I lived abroad, and the first time I visited Canada. A bit lost in the beginning, I have been immediately helped by the administration of the university. Concordia University of Edmonton has allowed me to discover different cultures than mine through a cross-cultural academic context. I was able to fully appreciate a different vision of the management concepts, while improving my English level. Canada is an extremely open-minded country, and beyond the academic experience I appreciated a remarkable social and cultural experience. I made unforgettable encounters, and I could live the daily life of a student living in a cold country. Following this stay abroad, I think that I will come back for vacations, and why not live in Canada.”

Livia Maria, Brazil

Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul (UNISC), Brazil: Exchange Program

“Hi everyone! My name is Livia Maria, I’m from Brazil, and I was an Concordia student from Fall 2017 until Winter 2018. My whole experience was, and has been, amazing. Since day one I felt embraced for the CUE community, and the all Canadian people and the ones, as myself, that made Canada their home. I’m coming back to Brazil in May (2018), and for sure I’m coming back as a new woman. More mature, confident, and hopeful. From all the things that I have been learning here, the most meaningful one it’s something that I have always carried with me, but for some time was asleep due to some lack of hope in a better future, once my country is going through hard times. In here I rediscovered how we can all do and be the difference in someone else’s life. And Concordia has guided me through this path. It doesn’t matter if you think your act is just too small, it’ll make a difference! I also had the wonderful opportunity to work at the Admissions Office. And if you can, please apply for a job on-campus, is fascinating to see how much effort and love all the staff put into their jobs to make our experience at Concordia the most pleasant as it can be, and you will be amazed about all the things you are going to learn. I’m truly grateful for this year, I have no words enough to describe it. If I can give one last advice to the future students, specially the international ones: GET ENGAGED! Talk to everyone, say good morning, ask whatever you want to ask, talk to your professors, classmates, all the staff. You’ll discover amazing people, awesome stories and make lifetime friends. Well, hope to comeback soon. Thank you.”


Universidad de Malaga, Spain: Exchange Program

“It almost feels like as if it was just yesterday when I was at the airport saying bye to my family. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I was full of excitement as I could foresee what the future had for me. When I was at high school, I always dreamt of going away for further studies. I used to think that living independently, managing everything by myself and having friends from another country would be really fun. Here I am today, in Canada, which has been my home since the last 4 months. Studying at CUE I have noticed myself really grow in few aspects such as, confidence and independence. Although, I struggled a little in the first week, but I had support from the host family and new friends. This taught me that I can’t always be in my comfort zone, instead I need to think of new ways to overcome my problems. The student association of CUE was very helpful to guide me throughout my journey. I believe that student exchange has been a life changing experience that has shaped part of my character and changed my view of life. I will cherish this amazing experience forever.”

Diogo, Brazil

Universidade de São Paulo: Intensive English Summer Program

diogo-brasil“Many people dream of studying in a foreign country in order to become fluent in another language. What few people know is that this experience abroad goes far beyond the language learning; it transforms your world view. I used to be one of those people, so my experience in Canada, at Concordia University of Edmonton, exceeded my expectations. The program offered is well structured, with several extracurricular activities, creating a dynamic way of learning English which also allows you tobetter understand the history, culture and people of Canada and the incredible city of Edmonton. The city can offer several kinds of entertainment, in addition to being safe, green and well planned. Furthermore, you will find a place with kind and willing to help you people, you will feel good and have time to focus on your personal goals. I spent forty days in Edmonton and did not meet a single person who didn’t want to stay there for a little longer. I appreciate the opportunity and wouldn’t think twice about recommending this program. I hope you have summers as good as I had.”

Lucileine, Brazil

UNIVATES: Exchange Program

luci-300x226“I am having a great experience in Concordia University, and I am happy to realize that I am improving my English Speaking and Writing quite well. I also made many friends between my classmates. People here are very friendly; also my Canadians classmates are inviting me to participate in events and programs with them. In Edmonton’s streets it’s easy to find people to help if you need some information on places, etc.

Why I chose to come here? First, I intend to improve my English speaking and writing. Second, Concordia is a receptive and welcoming university, and I feel as everybody here is very close and always willing to help, so I did not find problems to get in touch with the campus life. Concordia also have programs for international students to get involved with the campus life, which helps a lot. For students who intend to study in Concordia I recommend to stay firmly in this purpose and go ahead, also study English before, and don’t get worried about the cold, because people here are prepared for it, so you won’t pass cold.”

Dianne, Brazil

Science Without Borders Program

Dianne-Ferreira-Canada-300x225“This exchange program has been an awesome experience for me. Edmonton is a lovely city with lots of things to do. Canadians are teaching me an impressive number of lessons. I appreciate the fact that you can wear whatever you want without being judged by other people or the fact that people respect the variety of cultures inside this society

or even in simple demonstrations of patriotism, such as a little Canadian flag in every little detail in the city. I am trying to enjoy everything that Canada has to offer for me. For sure, this is a unique opportunity, mainly in my academic and professional life. I took advantage of a great working experience in Project Management, this placement was a way to build business connections. Canada definitely has a friendly labor environment. I also finished an English course which was an important step of preparation before my academic studies at the university. Now that I have already completed a semester here, I only have positive points to look at. Every day is a new experience for me. Undoubtedly, I would recommend this experience of an exchange program to anyone seeking for academic and personal growth.”

Zain, Pakistan


652_71874417558_2880675_n1“I came here to pursue a Master’s degree in Information Security Assurance and couldn’t imagine myself settling down in a new city so quickly. All the faculty, staff and fellow international students helped me to grow in confidence and stature. The level of education I am receiving is very satisfactory and will help me to mould myself into a responsible and strong professional. Most importantly, I got the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and countries which really broadened my vision and how I look at life. I made life-long friendships and will take back amazing memories of this fantastic place.”

Kapil, India

“My experience in this school is really good. All professors always ready to help students if they want any help related to their courses. Administration staff are also really good. They are always ready to solve students problem. GSA association is awesome. They provide all information related to our courses, school and Edmonton. I think which is vital for new students. In Overall, I really appreciates.”